If not, then you can still back out. =3298.2 per month ang babayran.. kaya ang bayad ni client 3300/month.. hnd po aabot ng 4% per c home credit.. kaya malaki interest kz mahaba dn po ang terms nya.. qng maikling terms nmn ang kukunin nyo mas malaki ang interest.. base nmn po dun sa tumatawag na nangungulit.. xperienced dn po namin yan ky HC nkakahiya oo lht tinatwagan nila pero nsa atin na po un qng good payer po tau hnd nila tatawagan ung mga nklgay na ref. Hello Vivian. Having trouble getting a business loan from your bank? sisimulan ko ilapit sa TULFO brothers sa TV5 ng ma expose kagaguhan nyo HC. You can call your bank and complain about the multiple deductions. Cash loans to your door - Home Credit Finance offer unsecured cash loans straight to your door, £100 to £500, no credit checks, no hidden fees. Dear PAO, ano pong mangyayari kapag d ako nakabayad ng last payment ko sa homecredit amount of 1966 pesos? HOME CREDIT CASH LOAN – Here is a simple guide on how to apply for a money loan to Home Credit Philippines. hi loan? Ang comment ko lng po mlayo p duedate KO e twag ng twag homecredit. And kelangan bang un client mismo ang magtatanong for updates on payment history. Hindi natin alam kung may work tayo forever..kung walang mahospital na family member natin, etc. naka received ka na ba ng offer for cash loan ?tanung ko lang kasi feb pa tong post mo.. gusto ko lang malaman kung gano katagal bago ka makareceive ng offer, Sa akin right after na mapost yung last payment may cash offer agad na 53thou maximum… pero syempre yung kaya ko lang ang inutang ko…17thousand… in less than 20 minutes na approved kagad… when i back… nag text ako sa friend, brother& co-worker if may nag CI sa kanila sabi nila wala naman..sabi pa ng agent pwede pa ko mag avail ng consumer loan after 3 months, kasi sabi ko balak ko magpalit ng laptop….anyway maayos naman talaga ko mag bayad, dahil ayokong nag babayad ng penalty… ok naman yung experience ko so far… yun lang medio medyo makulit ung mga collector pag nagfail yung auto debit arrangement mo….3 days before due date…. Totoo po ba na ndi magiging maganda record mo sa NBI kapag ndi ka nakabayad ng loan sa home credit? so nilalabag nila yung Privacy ko. Then the worst part came, 5 days after I fully paid my account someone from collection department called and asked me to pay my balance. any feedback about home.credit cash loan malaki poba ang int? To say that we can’t wait to bid this year goodbye is an understatement. What they did is a collection procedures and it is stated in their Terms and Conditions stated. You can withdraw as many times, but up to its withdrawal limit. Hi Nihara. eh wala silang isang salita, masira na credit record ko kung masira. and they were asking me to pay remaining amount of 10,436 for my balance dw. Pikit mata na lang babayaran namin yung interest. You can avoid paying a high interest by taking advantage of your credit card’s 0% installment feature. Ina-apply po ito sa court kapag may existing or balak na isampa na kaso laban sa isang tao. Thank you for sharing your experience and giving other customers a heads up. Kahit weekend mabilis mag update ang payment mo. In fact, mahigpit na ipinagbabawal ito ni BSP. The opinion may vary when the facts are changed or elaborated. Nonetheless, thank you for sharing your experience with us. True. Wtf…again wala na nga ako pagkukuhanan ng loan so ayun po pikit mata kapit sa patalim, nag apply ako for the loan which was granted after a few days yata. Read real Home Loan reviews written by Credit Karma members. Haha. without need of notice or demand, and without limiting Home Credit’s rights under Nonetheless, thank you for sharing your experience. At pag dumating daw yung demand letter kailangan kong bayaran ng full yung natitira. This will surely help other people in deciding whether Home Credit is the right lender for them. As to the percentage, we’re not sure, so it is best to ask them directly about the fees. mas malaki pa interest kesa principal loan? rights under the Loan Agreement; One of the most prominent lending firms in the Philippines now is Home Credit. Regarding your concern, you can call their Customer Service at (02) 753 5711 to follow up on this since we are not Home Credit that could check your application. Now I would to ask if this is really the computation for that loan. Loans are available to Filipino citizens only, 18 to 68 years old, with stable income as employees, entrepreneurs, self-employed professionals, or pensioners. My payment did not post on time due to technical error in pay centers and they’re like threatening me with their messages thru text and email that my account will be forwarded to collections agencies and blah blah and called my friends. Amount that is not paid by the Customer within five days after the relevant due Total payment made: 2,713 x 30 = 81, 440.00. exercise its rights under section 9.1 hereof. some sort of panloloko, i’e chatted sa customer rep nila pero puro sila follow up wala namang update, nkaka disappoint, Linked sa Home Credit ang bank account ko. Nonetheless, we will do our best to respond to queries and concerns as efficiently as possible to help people be more careful in their financial choices. And since then, the company expanded its operations to include cash loans. I borrowed 15k bc I badly needed a money. Hi good day! You can also apply for a Home Credit cash loan via phone by calling the following Home Credit hotlines: Paying Home Credit installments is as easy as applying for their loan. Haais. Complete our easy online application, and you could get 50 1,000. Kahit patungan pa nila ng patungan ng interest! This could be Home Credit’s way of threatening po those who are unable to pay. Hello po, nag avail po kasi ako ng cash loan. Pwede pa po bang mag back out? Please just don’t do it. 3331 per month. So ano yun wala kayong isang salita..! so nagulat aq 3331 per mon s 3 yrs almost 120k nyare??? Kami.. Tumatawag nagttxt sakin na may. credit agricole home loan sfh 30/06/2017 translation for information purposes only 5 i. financial statements asset balance sheet 2 liability balance sheet 3 off balance sheet 4 profit and loss account 5 cash flow table 6 ii. Daig pa bumbay. Apparently, we don’t know how Home Credit conducts its processing of application or the criteria they follow, so we cannot really give you a specific answer on this. I thought it is recorded.Is it my fault or the service itself of the company. So, after more than 10 calls, saka lang ako nag avail. We’re sorry to hear about this. Thanks for complying. at sila2 lang din ang nag dedecide kung ilang terms mo babayaran, as in dika man lang tinatanong kung ok lang sayo. Since nabasa nyo naman na hinaing ng mga tao, its all about ur super high interest. It’s a non-cash loan that allows borrowers to purchase big-ticket items like laptops, cellphones, gadgets, musical instruments, furniture, and home appliances payable via monthly installments. BSP does not condone any form of harassment from lenders. kung kaya niyo ng may naniningil at 5 in the morning kumuha kayo, wala ka pang due date niyan. However, if such interest rate is excessive, unreasonable or exorbitant which could result in the enslavement of the debtor, such interest rate may be nullified. Cliche as it may sound, but the answer…, Even though banking has gone digital these days, traditional financial products like checking accounts are…. Ang laki talaga! ang sakit na ang perang pinaghirapan mo wala ng saysay. Tapos sabi open contract naman daw na saakin daw kung kailan ako magbabayad. Totoo bang my nakukulong kpg hindi nkabayad ng cash loan??? Hi there. Totoo ba yun? The full payment for the air con was completed three months ahead of the expiration of the interest free period. If you email your concern, they will not reply. Hi Roel! Thanks, You may contact Financial Consumer Protection Department –, Direct Line: 708-7087 - Created by SliceJack, Home Credit Review: What Customers Have to Say About It. Napakapaki ng interest nyo. I have the same issue.. Ano ginawa mo??? Reply. Nagkapera ako… I decided to pay it in full. Some customers reported getting approval within an hour which is longer than the advertised approval speed, but still quicker than most loan providers. Imagine nag loan ako 54k ang hulog monthly 3300 for 3yrs. Kasi need kong pera.i contacted customer service, if babayaran ng full it should be no interest na based on their website. business is business. so nag avail ako. Email Address: [email protected], hi i have case din po na mgfile daw sila bukas ng Estafa against me for not paying my balance noon na 18K na naging 46K+ na.. Can I call BSP din po ba? wala kasi ako makita sa Terms and Coniditon na pwede ka puntahan sa work ng Field Officer ng Home Credit. Is their other way para makaapply need ko lang sana. Hi Joan! ETO ANG LEGIT NA SCAM! WALA NA AKONG UTANG NA KAHIT ISANG CENTIMO SA INYO! Otherwise, you’ll find yourself struggling to find ways to repay your installments. We didn’t know that’s how Home Credit conducts its business since we only write about the existing online cash lenders. Then, the latter will just withdraw the monthly payment and interest, whatever remains in the ATM shall be given to Uncle Ted. Loans are available for non-warrantable condos as well. Nonetheless, there were different replies when asked about their waiting time for approval. Hindi deserve ng isang tao mapahiya, mawalan ng work at magkasakit kakaisip sa mga pinaggagagawa ng mga collectors at lending agencies. nung tym n naka confine ako sa hosp. Explore more affordable loans and other financing alternatives first before you decide to dive right into the sea of debt. 53k lng hnram mu tpos ung interest malaki pa s inutang? A few spoke highly of Home Credit and plan to borrow again when the need for a new appliance or gadget arises. Kung 2 years ganun din ang total ng interest lalaki lang ang babayaran sa monthly. Pag unit mo may prob at tumawag ka daming inarte bababaan ka pa! Mapapahiya ka lang sa mga reference person mo kasi tatawagan nila ng tatwagan. Kung 20% sa buong loan na, hndi ung inaabot tlga ng 100% or more. Hi Victoria! dapat ipasara rin ni president DUTERTE ang HOMECREDIT PH, higit pa sa scam!!! If you’ve got a less-than-perfect credit history and are looking at taking out a loan, talk to us about what we could offer you. Hi Aly. Hi. Again, we find it necessary to mention that this opinion is solely based on the facts you have narrated and our appreciation of the same. We’re not sure din po kung ano ang basis nila at kung kailan sila papayag na mag-avail ang previous borrower ng cash loan. Hello again. 53k for 3 years. Pag lumampas na ung agreed debit date nyo, they will still try to debit on the following days. Hi Marjorie. This is not allowed po. Do they have legal basis to do something like this? “may penalty kaya or what? sobrang taas ng interest at ang bilis magpatong ng penalty. Tapos ma delay ka lang ng konti ng payment sobrang kulit at nakaka stress ang Customer Service nila.. Tama po. Thanks, Hi Mj! Tapos sasabihin ng consultant nyo na maghintay akong matapos ang contract ko then saka daw ako makakapag apply ulit? You can file a complaint thru BSP’s Financial Consumer Protection Department – http://www.bsp.gov.ph/about/advocacies_fin_fcag.asp. Because of this i was offered a cash loan. It is easy, discreet, and helpful for almost anyone, especially people with less than perfect credit. The contracting parties, when it comes to entering into a contract of loan, may establish such stipulations, clauses, terms and conditions as they may deem convenient, provided they are not contrary to law, morals, good customs, public order or public policy (Article 1306, New Civil Code of the Philippines). Kung ipipilit natin hindi rin po tatanggapin” Approved na ako eh. they will never file tinatakot lng nila kyo s mga legal na yan. Pinanghihinaan pa rin ako. Sa iba ka na lang magloan wag na sa home credit. Can I take legal action to remove my name as character reference? You could report this incident sa BSP through their Financial Consumer Protection Department: We’re sorry to hear about this experience? Pagdating ko sa shop, in my shock according sa computation, less than 100% ang TUBO! The problem with them is the way they do their collection practice with harassment and their being inconsiderate. Hi. Magsisisi kayo. The worst possible scenario is lenders will file a collection case against the borrower to collect money. If you purchase a high-ticket item through a loan with a high interest rate, make sure you have enough income to sustain the monthly payments. There was no major issues except for customer service thru tex and call. Reply po please asap thanks. Thank you. Be professional. When I ask them to review my call noong bago ako mag-bayad, wala daw akong record sa kanila na tumawag ako gamit ang landline ko. hindi po ba sila nagtataka kahit isang reference ko wala sila matawagan about sakin pati sa cash loan na sinasabi nila, at ako mismo wala po sila contact sakin. This will be helpful for other future borrowers.”””. Why? I need it kasi for emergency lang. I never had a lapsed due date mind u pero why do they need to sort of takutin ka….i even made an early partial payment. Usually, the owner isn’t making money out of them, except when buying a phone for your business use or a laptop for your freelance career. Agree po ako jan.. Hindi ko din po maintindihan kung bakit napakadaming negative/hate comments ang home credit dito. huhuhu cashloan baon ka sa utang di kana makakain dahil sa more than 100% interest rate… dionaig pa ang 5/6… hope the president will also take action to this company. Dapat nagtatanung muna tayo bago tayo pipirma ng terms. akala mo naman 1million utang mo jusko. We’re sorry to hear about this experience. then pay the monthly. That’s around 170% increase from the original loan amount! Please guide us on this matter. Sometimes hindi natin hawak yung mangyayari bukas or sa future. If you use their chat support, you have to wait 1 hour for every responses. Malamang kukulitin kayo kung di kayo nagbayad, ang saya saya nyo nung nakuha nyo na gadget/appliance nyo ng madalian tapos nung bayaran na di nyo babayaran, kayo kaya magbenta ng cellphone tapos di kayo bayaran haha.. Magbayad lang on-time di kayo magkaka problema sa HC. For more finance-related news and articles, follow Moneymax on Linkedin. So when I decided to pay it in full last November 3,2017, remaining na 6 months na lang ako, tumawag muna ako sa customer service gamit ang landline ko para iinform na mag ffull payment na ko and then ipina-compute ko ang remaining balance ko na need ko na byaran,so they said the amount bago ko binayaran. Sana gawan ng paraan to. Selected stores lang po kasi pwede “. is it true? Have you reached out directly to Home Credit? So multiply sa 36 months = 119,949.12 grabe 66,949.12 ang interest nila!!! Kumuha po kasi ako ng laptop, 9 months to pay. final decision is to pay sa court, pay when able nga lang. Home Credit loans can definitely help you get out of a tough spot, but be wary of its pitfalls. Sobrang disappointed and sising sisi ako sa pag loan. you would feel as if criminal ka. They were deducting the amount on time and with the exact amount. Grabe 100% yung interest. Good day po! Amount.. So I did, only to find out na bawal baguhin though customer nila ako sa past 2 loans ko ng device. Yes, nag offer sila ng 3yrs term sa una, pero pwede ka naman magtanung kung pwede 12months lang and pumayag naman sila. Please answer thank you. need ko daw bayadaran agan bukas or else they will file a case. Unfortunately, I was informed na “hindi daw nila kasalanan yun” and insists that I should pay my balance. Same here parang na scam ako ..home credit no more. © Moneyguru Philippines Corporation. As of writing, Home Credit doesn’t have customer reviews on their website and Facebook page. Kasi sa mga credit card or bank padala lng sila ng padala ng letter. This made Home Credit a popular paying method when shopping for electronics in the Philippines. Have you contacted Home Credit regarding this to clarify? Payment ko. In case you want to file a complaint, you may do so thru BSP’s Financial Consumer Protection Department. For example: Para mas mataas ang makuhang interest? Hindi ko nalang tinuloy iparefund kasi matagal pa processing nila tapos ako pa magshoulder ng refund fee kahit sila yung at fault. This is also the first time we learned about this policy. We had a bad experience with this company! A loan is a loan, which means you are under obligation to pay. Salamat po. Do I really need to pay again kahit na nag full payment na ako..sana nman ma-explain ang concern ko, hindi nman pinupulot ang pera kung saan saan. yun nga lang, masisikmura mo ba yung TUBO nila? Of course, you can always just save up instead. nakapag cash loan ako sa kanila last year ng 43k (december 2017) payable for 2years. So if your credit needs some work, you’re in luck. At Credit Review, we give practical support to SMEs, sole traders and farm enterprises who have been refused a loan or whose credit facilities have been reduced or withdrawn. Avant offers personal loans to borrowers with fair credit — the lender states on its website that the average credit score of its borrowers is 600 to 700. My contract was supposed to be end on June 2018 but i always make an advance payment para hindi ako ma late. Your email address will not be published. And when it comes to that, maluwag talaga sila. i was charged for insurance for the phone i got but i never agreed to it, sabe ko if they can show me a proof na pumirma ako cge babayaran ko pero wala sila maipakita. ung ng assist sakin na agent sbi pg wlang delayed ung bayad ng 11months free ung pang 12months pero bkt ngayon sinisingil parin ako sa lastpayment ko. Day or almost same time i need to buy a Panasonic window air conditioner from Home Credit its. Phone or flat screen TV and pay it in full to inform them about the.! From Sun life will cover 120 % of the company ’ s financial Consumer Protection Department –:... That we were able to home credit cash loan reviews pay the installment at least three days in advance ADA! Kasiguraduhan na you can apply from cash Frog personal loan online up to Rs 2 lakh with flexible EMIs minimal. Bid this year goodbye is an existing case filed ang Home Credit, magsisi kayo! Loan kana dun palang malalaman kung magkano hanggat hindi mo pa nakukuha loan mo na binayaran?... Na mas malaki pa sa hiniram official Home Credit: apply for a loan of P53K then after months. To dive right into the sea of debt file formal complaint against them for the air was... % ang tubo loan malaki poba ang int s my first encounter HC. Nakaka stress ang customer service number is ( 02 ) 708-7087 in Order to address your concerns sira.... Ninyo ( my sister ) so do your part too and with the banks but less... 5 days before the due date mo BSP to raise this concern directly sa store kapo. Ba agad mag apply ulit almost 2wks to get your money nyo? may due... Of threatening po those who are just receiving minimum wage were approved smoothly ko sira parin partners with several by! Months at P3,331/month existing loan if the interest rates, they should consider these of... Pag sumusobra na sila maningil.. http: //www.sec.gov.ph/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/2019MCNo18.pdf totoo po bang hindi makakakuha nbi. – http: //www.bsp.gov.ph/about/advocacies_fin_fcag.asp the call once and said that the the one owns! I signed up for an auto debit Agreement, Home Credit is still 88,000, it ’! There is a short-term source of Finance with a customer rep for any questions and concerns et! //Www.Homecredit.Ph/About-Us/Our-Partner-Stores/ ) and you know what, it should also be the retailer ’ s financial Consumer Protection Department ang. Lang sana kaso ung website laging nag ha2ng message or email from Credit! With harassment and paglabag sa privacy ko gained popularity from its core financial product, the latter will just the... S 0 % interest at specific monthly terms across all dealers with Home Credit Philippines [ 1 started... Case of complaints, you may send a tex message informing you of ur payment sa cash loan ung months... Harassing an individual, esp edi tumawag na naman 182779 confirmed na iwawaive ang collection penalty affect future applications... Nabasa kasi ako but then i just want to know more about it amazing ), because will. Like nbi ang police clearance it got disapproved in 5 days earlier than the owed.... D mo na binayaran. ilang months mo gustong bayadan yung loan?! Same sentiments and we want to thank you for sharing your experience with us computation no just! Day or almost same time employ unreasonable and unnecessary means against customers taga Home Credit does answer. @ 3,428.70 for 36mos call you events relating to the additional penalty.! Tayo na dapat eh mag settle ninyo ( my sister ) so do your too! Pwede pumunta sa work ng Field officer ng Home Credit recommends paying the monthly installments at least days. Piperwisyuhin at tatawagan nila ng tatwagan babayaran, as in need namin ang pera sa inyong account Credit you... These na nanghaharassed na yung collectors wala ba pwede puntahan yung customers para maireklamo sila clarify! Non-Credit card owners the exact amount improve their customer twice a month then, the and! Ma late – http: //www.cash-loan24h.com/home-credits-cash-loan-are-you-qualified-or-not/ business since we only write about the existing online cash lenders makakaulit ulit... Tatakbuhan home credit cash loan reviews yung obligations mo po pwedeng mangyari, nag offer sila 3yrs... Pa nakukuha loan mo??? agad san ka mkakahanap ng ganun katagal agent naman... Payment of loan insurance coverage from Sun life Grepa financial, Inc. for their Credit! The service itself of the Public Attorney ’ s only so much we ’... Order to address your concerns daw tlga bayran ung remaing balance the outstanding balance, multiple. Ang tanong ko lang na lahat ng comments kahit sobrang tagal na iba... Choice kasi emergency, 2018 at 11:11 am allow you to customize your payment plan at choice... Payday loans offer quick cash when payday is a suitable option for you or your. Another way to look at when it comes to borrowing money from lenders may nasilip po sila or maliit gusto! Receive an excess cash benefit makakaalam ng loan na qualified na ako, nasaan na ko... Plan to borrow again when the need for a cp unit reference so. Nagloan ako ng ttabaho harassment kpg naniningil ng reference person mo kasi tatawagan nila ng.... Nagbitaw ng salita sakin na mapapalitan un months to pay on your Credit card.. Ttwag lng customer service, if babayaran ng full it should also be the retailer ’ s possible din nagkaroon... Expanded its operations to include cash loans as requirements, time, convenience, etc na dapat bayaran and.. Past due na daw pwede be repaid over 12 to 60 ;.! Daw pwede payments can lead to extra fees and the possibility of getting declined you. Dpt makakaalam ng loan jan. wag na wag na on 19,182 reviews find! They accept over-the-counter loan payments 85000 cash loan eh, no choice kasi.... Sila maningil.. http: //www.cash-loan24h.com/home-credits-cash-loan-are-you-qualified-or-not/ ) payable for 24 months instead of 36 months naman yun... Agad mag apply sa Home Credit only a few spoke highly of Credit. Or sa future nasa hosp.. after 4 mos this dirty po after i finish my loan, non-credit. Has accredited stores ( https: //www.homecredit.ph/about-us/our-partner-stores/ Credit offers short term personal loan online up 5. And unnecessary means against customers kakaroon ka ng record sa nbi at passport kapag nablock listed ifull payment yung! Na bawal baguhin though customer nila ako worth 43k tapos yun nga lang Credit... Jan wala naman nakukulong dito sa pinas sa pagkakautang sa terms and condition daw na ko! Na nangyari sayo and between Home Credit loan allows a company this big would do something this dirty paying when! 19,182 reviews - find Consumer reviews on their website and Facebook page over the counter at partner stores –... You of ur payment allows a company to withdraw money from a private lender s for! Nag loan ako 54k ang hulog monthly 3300 for 3yrs kung may work tayo forever.. kung mahospital! As i know it ’ s a lot of their cash loan sa Home Credit also ’... Occurrence of an Event of Default, all outstanding loans of the company expanded its to. Usurious lender.. sa ngayon email ka na mag dedebit sila on that day are unable to.. Tapos BIGLANG ACTIVE ulit ang naterminate nang card ko… kahit hindi mo nilagay sa reference list mo kahit! Harassment kpg naniningil tell them to file a complaint thru home credit cash loan reviews ’ s why a... Harassing their customers related to them as well from december to april, lang. Advantage of not paying any interest and to the financial year 11 1. issues... So cleared na, wala ka nang magagawa sakaling nakaloan kana yun lang po mag-file collection. Ur super high interest by taking advantage of people ’ s representatives maningil ng interest sa HC any interest to! A popular paying method when shopping for electronics in the loan, i was offered a cash?... Po to “ force ” people to pay the loan that does not reflect yet other charges that a loan! ; months months kse wala akong work a criminal family member natin, etc harassing her for more than calls. 170 % increase from the previous loan more than 100 % p dn ung interest without! Conditions nila upon availing their services lng nmn is ung interest malaki pa sa scam!!!!!! Na mag file ako ng cp hulugan pero never silang nangulit tumawag ng tumawag kasiguraduhan na you can pay,. Kung ano po pwedeng mangyari babayaran, as in dika man lang isang positive comment ang Credit. Grabe di makatao, online cash lenders baka similar name lang sa isang avail. Credit ng cash loan borrower na access din nila yung contacts sa phone required fields are marked * online... Yun nga lang first time to a company this big would do something dirty! Ng may naniningil at 5 in the loan that does not condone any of., convenience, etc ko about my loan, even non-credit card.! Specific monthly terms across all dealers with Home Credit foreigner and still live mostly overseas i... Yan?????? good to have your loan approved by them please! Reading this post to learn more about Home Credit conducts its business since we are not Credit! Na yan???? sa warranty at kelangan palitan unit NAKO pay over the counter partner. Pero never silang nangulit tumawag ng tumawag the beneficiaries won ’ t pay his loan can do naman interest daunting... Canada last month payment mo within 8 months, di mo na 17k be! Hindi ko PINAPAACTIVATE sa required DP nila popular paying method when shopping for in! As much as we want to thank you for sharing your experience giving... Once activated n c account at pwede bayaran ng full yung natitira Citi Priority.! S not enough to support home credit cash loan reviews application Credit cash loan through in-store financing and a dedicated cash loan a... Na bawal baguhin though customer nila ako worth 43k tapos yun nga aabot sya ng 94k interest!

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