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quote: However if you try to smash the ball on a 50 yarder. Well, I didn't know that until Stram pointed it out. The Chiefs were the final AFL champions in 1969, and they met the NFL Champion Minnesota Vikings in Super Bowl IV in New Orleans. When no deal could be made, the Panthers cut Butker, held their breath and placed him on their practice squad after he cleared waivers. The 80-year-old Norwegian football player has done well thus far. Needless to say, he made a dramatic impact. The Chiefs lead their division with a 7-1 record and he leads the American League scoring race with 83 points. On top of the list we put together, our readers suggested a few great names in the comments. As Stenerud recalls it now, after badly topping his first attempt, he boomed several some 70 yards. Thank you, American football, for giving me this truly unbelievable moment. [6] He was named an All-American by The Sporting News as a senior in 1966,[4] and was also an All-American in ski jumping and a three-time Big Sky champion.[7]. Kansas City, MO 10/8/1967 CREDIT: Rich Clarkson Football: Super Bowl IV, Kansas City Chiefs Jan Stenerud and QB Len Dawson in action vs Minnesota Vikings, New Orleans, LA 1/11/1970 Majority of Jans money comes from being a football player. hurtful thing." (When The New York Times called to ask Stenerud about the kick a year . But it was me it helped, not Jan, Stram told Sports Illustrated in 1968 as he rummaged through files for charts of those kicks. He made his very first field goal inhis first attempt, a 54-yarder against Houston in 1967. Tab will move on to the next part of the site rather than go through menu items. He was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1991. He really impressed me. "Now that tall fellow over there is called a quarterback and those big fat fellows are tackles, and that chalk line you are standing on is called the 50-yard line and, say, why don't you set the ball down and try and kick it way down there through those two skinny poles, which are called goalposts?" Please make sure JavaScript is enabled and then try loading this page again. Up and Down arrows will open main level menus and toggle through sub tier links. Meanwhile, even his troubles that day are routinely oversimplified in the shorthand of scapegoating. Hes kicking distances I havent seen before, Jan recalled in an interview. On Christmas Day 1971, the Chiefs hosted the Miami Dolphins in an AFC divisional playoff game. Gary Richards and Terry Albrecht came all the way out from the great state of Montana to share this day with me, I appreciate it, guys, very much. At first blush, it seems a little odd. ", "How's that?" As a 24-year-old, I would love to line up against anybody in the league (now) and kick the football, Stenerud said, smiling as he recovers from a broken kneecap from a recent fall. ", Former ski jumper Jan Stenerud of the Kansas City Chiefs has become the best field-goal kicker in a sport he hardly understands, 2023 ABG-SI LLC. ", "Plenty," Stenerud said later. We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. Especially here in Kansas City, where he became a U.S. Citizen in 1976 with his two children walking alongside carrying little American flags, and has long been a gracious part of the community. I wasn't really familiar with the game, but I guess I did OKbecause Coach Sweeney tried to convince me to go out for spring football the next year, which I did. On one of the other days Jan was running steps, a kicker on the football team practicing on his own encouraged Jan to join him. Thinking back to his time on the Panthers practice squad, Butker said he always had confidence he could succeed in the NFL. Wearing tennis shoes, Jans first attempts straight-on, as was the style of the era were lousy, and painful, so Jan changed his approach to match his soccer-playing background. James and Augustine, Pray for Us! He was such a transformative presence as to become a factor in rules changes and led a wave that ultimately rendered obsolete the traditional straight-on kickers, a fact underscored by the 1.2 million patented tees and instructional books sold in his name. Stenerud went on to a highly successful 19-year NFL career. Fifty years ago this month, an exotic curiosity named Jan Stenerud signed a lease at the El Camino Real apartments on The Plaza. And he knew what he was talking about. Gano due to the contract that former Chief kicker Ryan Succop had just negotiated with the Tennessee Titans scored a four-year, $17 million deal with the Panthers last spring, while the Chiefs still have Butker on an inexpensive deal for two more seasons. All along the way, he never forgot the first coach who gave him a shot. Thank you very much. The kick sailed 5 yards farther than the previous collegiate mark and 3 yards beyond the existing NFL record. Following the end of the war, it was the start of the Baby Boomer years and technology advancements such as the jet engine, nuclear fusion, radar, rocket technology and others later became the starting points for Space Exploration and Improved Air Travel. By 2014, Succop had been solid if not great for the Chiefs over five seasons. Jan Stenerud was born on the 26th of November, 1942. By David Eulitt Fifty years ago this. But for the Chiefs, the best news might be the spectacular deal they got on Butker. Now how in the hell was I going to help him if he ever got in a slump if I didn't know what he was doing? Jan Stenerud was born in 1940s. [9][10] Through 2017, the game remains the longest in NFL history at 82 minutes, 40 seconds of playing time, and was also the final football game in Municipal Stadium. Vahe Gregorian: 816-234-4868, @vgregorian. On this day, Jan heard 10 words that changed not only the trajectory of his life but also the record books in college football and in two professional football leagues in the decades that followed. He kicked three field goals in Kansas Citys Super Bowl IV win, made the Pro Bowl four times, was named an All-Pro four times, earned spots on both the 75th and 100th NFL Anniversary teams, had his number retired by the Chiefs, and is a member of both the Chiefs and Packers team Halls of Fame. re: Barefoot Kickers Posted on 8/6/10 at 9:30 am to SM6. Sponsored by USAA, the 2023 Salute to Service Sign up for our newsletter and receive the mighty updates! Enshrined in 1991, Stenerud, along with George Blanda, Lou Groza, Ray Guy, and 2017 inductee Morten Andersen, is one of only five kicking specialists in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and is one of three who did not play another position (Blanda played quarterback, Groza was a tackle). How much help can you give a guy like that? In the AFL, Jan made his first kick - a 54-yard field goal in the 1967 season opener against Houston. As the Montana State Bobcats practiced for their final home football game in 1964, Jan Stenerud was going through his own fall routine: conditioning his legs for the upcoming ski season by running the stadiums steps. Jan Stenerud was selected to the Pro Bowl six times. "Here's another one: 92 out of 103. But the most glaring and, thus, lingering elements were three field goals that Stenerud didnt make, something that over the years he has alternately attempted to joke about, expressed incredible pain over or declined comment on. Oops. And all of a sudden, I realized if I approach this ball at an angle and hit it with the side of my foot, it was more comfortable for me. Jan Stenerud (born November 26, 1942) is a former professional football player for the American Football League's Kansas City Chiefs (1967-1969), and the NFL's Chiefs (1970-1979), Green Bay Packers (1980-1983), and Minnesota Vikings (1984-1985). They went something like this: "4 out of 5, 25-yard line, right hash mark; 5-5, 25, middle; 5-5, 25, left; 4-5, 40, right; 5-5, 40, middle; 5-5, 40, left; 4-5, 50, left; 4-5, 50, middle; 3-5, 50, right. Jan Stenerud 25 yard field goal : 19: 22: Game Info. But that was about to change profoundly because of Stenerud, who revolutionized a major part of the game. But Stenerud set another college record which should stand forever: a 113-yard field goal try. Jan stayed in college and was a key member of a Bobcats team that won the 1966 Big Sky Conference title. "But it was me it helped, not Jan. It's all his own natural ability. At 80 years old, Jan Stenerud height is 6' 2" (1.88 m) . Jan Stenerud Autographed Signed 8X10 Photo Packers Kicking Fg JSA WIN. Stenerud promptly picked up where he had left off in his native Norway. You were exceptional, and I salute you. They kept both Gano and Butker on the active roster for the first week of the season, apparently hoping to trade one of them. Stenerud played parts of four seasons in Green Bay from 1980 to 1983, converting 59 of 73 field goal attempts and 115 of 118 extra. Enter and space open menus and escape closes them as well. "One day I was in school on a ski scholarship, the next I was on the football team. To this day, Stenerud rather nobly declines to comment on that play. So he snapped it to a surprised Dawson, and the out-of-rhythm Stenerud tried to adjust but missed. His father (also Harrison) favors the Georgia Bulldogs, and his mother Elizabeth is a Georgia Tech fan. Then, alas, theres the 32-yarder he missed with 35 seconds left. win and I believe a home title tilt (certainly with the next day's "Balti" win at Cleveland, it would have manifested), it was certainly very possible, a . You can also find out who is Jan Stenerud dating now and celebrity dating histories at CelebsCouples. Now, he knows his legacy is so much more. I hear you can kick. are recalled today as Jan steps into the Gold Jacket Spotlight. $169.22. Is that dumb talk when youre 74 or 75?. I just know getting the ball through the uprights is good, but Dustin he knows the finer points [from] doing it so long as a veteran, and [as] one of the best holders in the league. A lot of things happened to me that I had no control over. They used skills learned in one sport--soccer -- to become successful in another -- football. Team Stats. At the time of his retirement, he was the longest-tenured (19 years) professional football player to have played in the AFL. On our way there he had us stop off at Indiana State University. It gives me, of course, a sense of pride and accomplishment, but most of all I feel very, very lucky. This story was originally published May 13, 2017, 4:50 PM. I went to the coach and he explained it to me.". For 19 years, Jan Stenerud has been winning games with field goals. ", "Sure it helped," said Stram, grinning. Through two seasons with the Chiefs, hes made 89.9 percent of his field-goal attempts a rate that puts him in front of Santos as the most accurate in franchise history. He went on to help us become one of the winningest teams in the National Football League with two divisional championships, three playoffs and a Super Bowl win over the Minnesota Vikings in Super Bowl IV. He got me started in this great American game, and Coach, without your enthusiasm, your intensity and desire to win, obviously I wouldn't be here today. He won Super Bowl IV under Chiefs head coach Hank Stram. Jan Stenerud Net Worth But he missed a potential go-ahead field goal with 35 seconds remaining. Now Coach Sweeney did not want to listen to, in Jim's own words, a goofy basketball coach, and a couple of weeks later, however, I was out there again and he summoned me down from the stands and he asked if I could kick off and showed me how to put the ball on the tee. In 2013, Stenerud recalled that he had a significant tail-wind aiding him on that kick in Bozeman; the ensuing kick-off went over the end-zone bleachers at Gatton Field, whose elevation exceeded 4,900 feet (1,495 . "But I didn't know what a future was. This page is updated often with new details about Jan Stenerud. He was sincere, had great pride and dedication. The higher education of Jan Stenerud, a ski jumper from Fetsund, Norway, began one fall afternoon in 1965 when Jim Sweeney, then the head coach at Montana State, held up a bloated object and said, "Son, this is a football." While he went undrafted in 1967, he signed with the Chiefs, and once he did, he transferred to a National Guard unit in Kansas City. Soon, the Norwegian who came here by way of a skiing scholarship at Montana State prepared for his first Chiefs camp by kicking with coach Hank Stram as his personal holder at the teams facility in Swope Park. Jan wasnt eligible to play, but he did dress, stand on the sidelines and absorb the aura of college football in front of several thousand passionate fans. On this Wikipedia the language links are at the top of the page across from the article title. The coach thought I'd do better with my style of kicking. Like snapping my helmet before a third-down play ends. One day, Stenerud was running stadium steps as part of his ski training and paused to kick a ball around with Bobcats kicker Dale Jackson. The Kansas City Chiefs selected him with a red shirt draft pick. "The things I do. In many cases, the placekicker also serves as the team's kickoff specialist or punter. He would later go on to kick for the Green Bay. Back then, a field goal that fell short was merely considered a live ball. It is undeniable that a kicker's position is isolated and that the skills that are necessary to become an outstanding kicker are different from those skills required to play most other positions. Terms at Jan Stenerud, who was born November 26, 1942, in Fetsund, Norway, was an outstanding ski jumper who attended Montana State on a skiing scholarship. He's always thinking. Maybe, maybe not, but thats not really the point. He quickly noticed that he booted it farther than the team's kicker. My dad, who was never afraid of thinking big, and my mother, who realized that goals could not be reached without an all-out effort. It is unbelievable. Is Butker finally the right man for the job? I love you and I appreciate that for the rest of my life. I mentioned Hank earlier, and you know his coaching record, but one thing you don't know about Hank that made the biggest impact on me. He led the league with 21 field goals, a new Chiefs record, and scored 108 points, trailing only future Hall of Famer George Blanda's 116 points. He also worked as a commentator for Scandinavian TV channel TV3's Super Bowl Sunday coverage in the 1990s, and still maintains strong ties with his native Norway. Born in Fetsund, in the county of Akershus, Norway to parents Johan Stenerud, and Klara (Kjustad) Stenerud, Stenerud came to the United States as a college student, on a ski jumping scholarship to Montana State University in Bozeman. Jan recalls what went through his mind when Sweeney invited him to join the 1964 team on the Montana State sidelines: This is America. If you see something that doesnt look right, contact us. He always handled himself with class and style, graceand dignity. . It all recalls the nickname Andy Reid gave him after his first game as a Chief. I always felt that we would win or lose about four to six games a year with the kicking game. You dont see barefoot kickers in the National Football League anymore but there was a time when kicking with their shoes off was so common, it was cause for zero notice. As a placekicker at Tech, Butker will be long remembered for two field goals in 2014 one in the last second against Virginia Tech to win the game, and a 53-yarder against Georgia that sent the game into overtime along with another in the final minute of the 2015 game against Florida State. And it. Hed become all the more enchanted with the sport after attending the nearby Oslo Olympics in 1952. And in the 2018 postseason, Butker was perfect including a 39-yard field goal with 11 seconds left that sent the AFC Championship into overtime. The first Norwegian to play in the NFL, Stenerud pioneered the soccer-style kicking that is used by all modern placekickers and was the first pure kicker to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. But Stenerud made the most of those opportunities. When training camp arrived and with Succop due a big payday the team brought in competition: free agent Cairo Santos. This one could hurt.. ", "Phooey," says Stenerud, in Norwegian. "Just because I dont do cartwheels when I make a game-winning field goal doesnt mean Im not extremely pleased.. Dustin is like a kicker whisperer, Toub told the media after Butkers first game. 35% OFF + Free Shipping $100+ *exclusions . At Montana State I had a coach, I mentioned him earlier, but I need to recognize him more. [fetch instagram= display=posts show=2 ]. Jan Stenerud is a Sagittarius and his 81st birthday is in, The 80-year-old Norwegian was born in the Silent Generation and the Year of the Horse. Super Bowl IV and some of the great coaching with Hank Stram, of course, who won the Coach of the Year title four times. He was a consensus All-America selection. And this one day, I decided to go down and kick a few footballs, and all of us played a lot of soccer, and I guess I had one urge to try this oval ball. But if I don't hear the click of the snap before the play ends, I get a horrible feeling that I may miss. He was the longest-tenured player in the now-defunct American Football League, playing in the league for 19 years. Stenerud joined the Kansas City Chiefs in 1967, and in his first three seasons he made 70% of his field-goal tries, while the other kickers in the NFL and AFL combined for 53%. Jan Stenerud" Jan Stenerud" ( born November 26, 1942 ) is a former professional American football player for the American Football League's Kansas City Chiefs ( 1967-1969 ), and the NFL's Chiefs ( 1970-1979 ), Green Bay Packers ( 1980-1983 ), and Minnesota Vikings ( 1984-1985 ) Stenerud came to the United States on a ski jumping scholarship to attend Montana State University . He didn't have a prima donna bone in his body. KANSAS CITY Mo. But I got rid of that one this year. Sure it helped. Why barefoot kicking went away is because the rise of the NFL as a big money sport finally created a market for shoe companies to create an athletic shoe designed for kickers. ", Stram dug around inside the two huge files in his office, grumbled for a moment when the charts eluded his search, finally came up with the prize. The Kansas City Chiefs have just concluded their 59th season as a professional football franchise. Called the bank shot just forgot to tell Colquitt. Reid didn't disappoint with an all-time great at practice, kicking what looked like a 25-yard field goal in front of both Harrison Butker and Stenerud. The sentences, yelled by Montana State football coach Jim Sweeney Hey, skier, get down here! They had great players when I got there. He converted 373 out of 558 field goals (67 percent) and 580 out of 601 extra points (97%) for a total of 1,699 points scored. He was a total team player. And he was not just a kicker, he was an athlete. Well, why not? Jan Stenerud was 6 ft 2 inches, 187 lb (1.88 m, 84 kg). although your skin will start to sting and get irritated after 10 or so kicks. For 27 of those seasons from 1967 through 1993 the Chiefs had only two placekickers: Jan Stenerud and Nick Lowery. Once they saw Stenerud kick, all doubts were erased. Like just before our first game against Houston this year. [8] The Dolphins won 2724 in double overtime on a 37-yard field goal by Garo Yepremian. Stenerud was one of the first professional football players to be used as a dedicated kicker, because of his excellent "sharpshooting" ball-kicking performance. Stenerud is the first pure placekicker to enter the Hall. Hes got a strong leg. They have AstroTurf there and we worked out on it. If you are using a VPN, try disabling it. The diminutive Brazilian who barely spoke English, and learned most of what he knew about American football by playing Madden won the job. The basketball coach, of all people, walked across the field and he ran over to the football coach, Jim Sweeney, and informed him that a ski jumper was kicking the hell out of the ball out there. People who are born with Jupirer as the ruling planet are optimistic and have a big appetite for life. He was a great competitor, and no one was better than Jan when the game was on the line. In perhaps his toughest day as a professional, Stenerud made a 24-yard field goal in the first quarter, but then missed from 29 and 32 yards, the latter with 35 seconds remaining in regulation, and had a 42-yarder blocked three minutes into overtime. I wasn't really sure if I had done OKor not. Jan Stenerud kicks a field goal in the second quarter of Super Bowl IV against the Vikings in 1970. . Stenerud kicked away the doubts until the age of 42, when a bad back forced him to retire after booting a league record 373 field goals. All Rights Reserved. So on a blustery day with the punter struggling, Sweeney sent out the field goal unit to get the ball downfield from out of its own end zone. While Stenerud remains anguished and unreasonably stigmatized in some circles by a miserable day in 1971, its time to help him let that go by commemorating his improbable story a half-century after it began here. CelebsMoney has recently updated Jan Steneruds net worth. How tall was Jan Stenerud? Butker might also have been fortunate to land with the Chiefs, with whom Dustin Colquitt would be holding his kicks, and special teams coordinator Dave Toub, who knows when its time to just get out of the way. "Well I'll be a" said Craft, who had been watching from the bleachers. The 40s also brought us the Slinky, Velcro, Jeep, Tupperware and Frisbee. But I was developing my skills as a soccer player and ski jumper, which is a perfect combination for a field goal kicker. His range stoked interest around the nation, and the Chiefs notified Stenerud by telegram that they had selected him in the 1965 AFL Redshirt Draft future dibs since he had a year of eligibility left. A daily roundup of all your Kansas City Chiefs news from Arrowhead Pride, By submitting your email, you agree to our, Arrowhead Pride | Kansas City Chiefs Schedule, News, Roster and Stats, The Chiefs have had a long, tortured journey from Nick Lowery to Harrison Butker, The hidden Super Bowl record Patrick Mahomes broke in Arizona. After a pause, Sweeney went on. "If we don't sign this kid right now," said Arbanas, "we'll be making the biggest mistake of our lives." Jan holds the record for career field goals, 373. He is the only player to get All-Prohonors in three decades -- the '60s, the '70s and the '80s. In October he kicked a 59-yard field goal against Montana, the longest kick in football history to that point. After asking if he could try it. The thrill of a "Monday Night Football" game, autumn Sunday afternoon at Lambeau Field, and, of course, the satisfaction of a job well done. He is the first pure placekicker to be. He was respected, admired and loved by his teammates and coaches. Kicker: 1980-83. Jan Stenerud is a Football Player, zodiac sign: Sagittarius. Stenerud represented a revolution. Whos the richest Football Player in the world? They were my view of a perfect combination. That year he made 21 of 26 field goal attempts and knocked through all 52 of his extra point attempts as Lynn Dickey, James Lofton, and the rest of the Packers offense rolled up touchdown after touchdown. "That was pretty darn good," Stenerud said. Well I saw that kicker for Houston (85 Cotton Bowl) kick barefoot on a kickoff. Dave Rayner came in and lasted 10 games before giving way to 18-year veteran John Carney to finish the 2007 season. Now he hustled up to Stram. He was a seven-time All-Pro and won Super Bowl IV . Left and right arrows move across top level links and expand / close menus in sub levels. According to our Database, She has no children. Quiz After regularly making field goals of 60 yards in practice, Stenerud became a sensation on campus. MSU students arrived at Gatton Field early to watch Stenerud kick on warmups. We are all very, very proud of you, Jan. Good luck and God bless. Butker had been raised in an environment where such things mattered. As a high-school youngster in Norway, before accepting the ski-jumping scholarship to Montana State, he had been listed as one of the country's most promising young soccer players. Odds & lines subject to change. He was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1991 and remains the only player who was primarily a kicker enshrined in Canton, Ohio. well your foot will feel like you nailed a cinder block. Then wife starts to scream, Heidi Gardner coaches Chiefs Travis Kelce in commercial for Saturday Night Live, Ned Yost enters Royals Hall of Fame as epitome of their rise from futility to glory, What a rebuilding year looks like: On Chiefs 2022 season and what it portends, Why Super Bowl victory over Eagles was Andy Reids masterpiece and cements his legacy, On a through-line from Satchel Paige to Patrick Mahomes and a Super Bowl breakthrough, Why Patrick Mahomes second NFL MVP award is more revealing recognition than the first, Brothers keeper: On the poignant stuff beyond the hype surrounding the Kelce Bowl. In 1984, the Packers traded Stenerud to the Minnesota Vikings for a seventh-round draft choice. The result was that Stenerud became a football player. He can, he says,. Height: 6-2; Weight: 187. Your access to this page has been blocked. Broncos & Steelers to pay tribute to Hall of Famers during special ceremonies during Week 6 of NFL season. Stram sighed; there was a hitch. And though its hardly the headline in the overall scope of a wild game, Stenerud did kick the game-winner in the Packers 48-47 Monday Night Football romp with the Washington Redskins that year. I also want to tell the football fans and the football organization with the three teams that I played, Kansas City, Green Bay and Minnesota, a heartfelt thank you for your loyalty and support. He dropped back to midfield: same thing. He was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1991. The second kick: Thunk! He talks, and he knows exactly what went wrong when [the placekicker] misses. The first Norwegian to play in the NFL, Stenerud pioneered the soccer-style kicking that is used by all modern placekickers and was the first pure kicker to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall . It made a difference.". Because of his strong leg and long kicks, he reduced the size of the playing field. You made a real impact on me.